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We host Advanced Format tournaments twice a week, Sneak Peeks and soon Speed Duel Format tournaments.

New duelists are welcome here. If you want to learn, we can teach you for free whenever there isn't an event happening. We teach you at your own pace and can make recommendations for beginner decks.

Below you will find information regarding our Advanced Format events and the Speed Duels Celebration coming up on Sunday, February 10!

Advanced Format Tournaments
Advanced Format tournaments are where duelists come with a 40-60 card Main Deck, 0-15 card Extra Deck, and a 0-15 Side Deck. Any card from any set can be used, except for those on the Forbidden/Limited List .

Duelists for these tournaments are required to have the following:

1. A Sleeved Main Deck. If you have an Extra Deck, it must be sleeved in a different color than your Main Deck. Side Deck must be sleeved in same color as Main Deck

2. Any material needed for Life Point calculation (such as a calculator or pen and paper)

3. A Konami Card Game Network ID card/number (KCGN) (also formerly known as COSSY ID). If you do not have a KCGN card or number, we can register you for one on the spot for free. This ID is used for your Global Ranking!

Tournament Structure: Swiss

# of Rounds: 3-4 rounds. Each round is 40 minutes and are best 2 out of 3 duels.

Our entry fees are available in 3 different options:
Entry Option 1: $5.00 (3 participation packs*)
Entry Option 2: $10.00 (5 participation packs*)
Entry Option 3: $15.00 (7 participation packs*)
*Participation Booster packs are subject to change based on store's inventory.

1st = 1x Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster pack of their choice, 1x OTS 8 tournament pack, and 1x OTS 9 tournament pack!
If more than 8 duelists = Remaining top cut will each earn additional 1x OTS 8 (or 9) tournament pack of their choice!


Thank you to those who participated in our Speed Duels Celebration! Keep a look out for announcements of future Speed Duel format tournaments here and on our social media.

Konami is introducing a new format to the game called Speed Duels based off the popular mobile app, Duel Links. OTS shops all over hosted aYu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duels Celebration this past February 10, and we were one of them! We'll be hosting more Speed Duels formatted tournaments, so keep a close eye on our website and social media for announcements.

In the meantime, you can watch the Speed Duels Tutorial Video below
hosted by Maximillion Pegasus!
Side Scrollers In-store Vending Policy
For trading card games we allow players to trade their cards in-store to other players; however, players are forbidden from conducting cash transactions in-store. This means if you have a $5 card for sale, you will need to conduct the cash transaction outside. Cards that are over $10 in value are not permitted to be sold by players on our property, only traded card for card. This includes pushing such a cash sale for that card on our property. Our store does not exist for others to conduct a rent-free and unlicensed business on our property. Violating this policy will lead to a warning or possible ban from the property, as well as from any future Side Scrollers locations (up to Managerial Discretion). In addition, violators of this policy may have their account reported to Konami, which may lead to a potential suspension from Konami-sanctioned Yu-Gi-Oh! Events. This includes but not limited to local tournaments, Regional Qualifiers, Sneak Peeks, World Championship Qualifiers, Yu-Gi-Oh! Day, etc.

Community TCG Display Case
If you wish to sell any cards to Side Scrollers, we can buy them right away at trade-in value. You can also place your cards in our display case, where we can sell the cards for you! You can set the price and if it sells, you earn 80% to 90% of the profit! This is a great option for those wishing to sell cards in-store since their product will be put in our display case, thus giving it a lot more exposure for sale opportunities! This also helps our community get cards they need instead of shopping online and waiting 1-3 weeks for their product. Please note any cards put in display case are subject to manager approval first. If your card sells we will contact you via phone/email to inform you of the sale and schedule cash pick up.
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