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CALL TO PRE-REGISTER FOR OUR FEBRUARY 23rd SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE TOURNAMENT! SPOTS ARE GOING QUICKLY! Our rules & policies have been updated. Please check them out on our Video Game Tournaments page.

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No longer use or want your old video game systems?
Trying to create space in your home? Or perhaps you're saving up for the newest releases for
video games or TCG booster packs...
Whatever the case may be, you can trade them in at our shop!

We have a No-Pressure Policy that we enforce here at Side Scrollers!
When you bring in any possible trade-ins, we will always give you a value first.

There is never any pressure to go through with the trade-in.

Values for any trade-ins cannot be given over the phone. For a more accurate value, we require customers to bring in their potential trade-in items into the store for full evaluation.

Side Scrollers Your Video Game Lounge & Shop