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Check our calendar for your party date's availability!
If the desired date is taken due to a tournament, we will do our best to work something out with you. :)


Q: What's the minimum age for someone to play at the party?
A: Birthday celebrant and all gamers must be at least six-years-old to play in our game lounge.

Q: What if I have more than 20 guests at the party?
A: You will incur an additional $100 Beyond Capacity Fee because 20 gamers & guests is our max. capacity due to safety reasons.

Q: Can I book a party on a Monday or Tuesday?
A: Our shop is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. To book your party on any of those days, will cost an additional $150.

Q: How many people can I have for a party?
A: We can have at most 20 guests for a party. In order to book a party you need at least 5 gamers. We have 9 tvs and we encourage guests to play multiplayer games. Some of which are 2-player, 4-player, and even 8-player. If the party has 12+ gamers, parents of the guests MUST drop off and pick up. This is so the staff and gamers will have room to maneuver during the party.

Q: Do the parents need to be present?
A: If the birthday celebrant is a minor, at least one of his/her parents or guardians must be present during the party. Parents of party guests do not have to be unless gamers are five years old and younger.  If the party has 12+ gamers, parents of the guests MUST drop off and pick up. This is so the staff and gamers will have room to maneuver during the party.

Q: How early should we arrive at the store?
A: Birthday family and guests should arrive 5-10 mins before party begins. However, gaming is not allowed until the party begins.
Q: How many (pizza) pies do you order?
5-7 gamers: 1 pie
8-12 gamers: 2 pies
13-16 gamers: 3 pies
17-20 gamers: 4 pies
Additional pies are $13 each.
​Each gamer will also have chips to eat with the pizza.

Q: When is food and dessert served?
A: We can set up the timeframe anyway you want, but normally pizza, chips, and drinks are served at the halfway point of the party while dessert is served at around 10-15 mins left of the party.

Q: Can I bring food and drink to the party?
A: Food and drinks are NOT allowed at a Let's Game! Party. This party package is meant for just gaming. Any food or drinks brought to a Let's Game! Party will incur a $75 fee.

For a Deluxe Party, any additional food/drink MUST be pre-approved by staff ONE WEEK BEFORE PARTY DATE. All additional drinks must be 2 liters in size. NO cans  or small bottles allowed. If party hosts/guests bring extra food/drink without pre-approval, the party host will incur a $25 fee.

Q: Can the parents play too?
A: Parents can play for free if they are seen only playing with their children. Otherwise they are to be considered additional heads for the party and the remaining balance will reflect as such.

Q: How long is the party?
A: 2 hours. Host parent/guardian can extend party for one additional half hour. It is an additional $5 per gamer. Half hour extensions must be decided one week before party date. 

Q: How much do the parties cost?
A: The Let's Game! Package starts at $200 for up to 10 gamers. After 10 gamers, it is $15 per additional gamer. The Deluxe package starts at $275 for up to 10 gamers. After 10 gamers, it is $15 per additional gamer. Deposit is done at booking - $100 for Let's Game!, $160 for Deluxe. Remaining balance is determined on number of gamers counted and is paid at end of party.

Q: Do we get all the tvs for our party?
A: Yes! The TVs are not available to the public during a party.
Q: I booked a party for 11 gamers but only 9 showed up- am I charged for 11?
A: If some of your guests couldn’t make it to the party, then we only charge based on the number of gamers playing. So for example, if you booked a Let's Game! party (with no add-ons) for 11 gamers but only 9 played, you will only be charged $100 (remaining balance) instead of $115.

Q: Do you accept tip?
A: Tip is not expected but it is always appreciated. If you do decide to tip, it has to be done in cash. We unfortunately do not have the ability yet to tip via card.​

Q: Do you have parking available?
A: We have FREE on-street parking and access to a FREE municipal lot which is on Boiling Springs Avenue. The municipal lot is only one street away and a one minute walk from our store. Please do not park across the street at the Caffe Capri parking lot.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my party?
A: Deposits are refundable up to one week before the party date. Any party cancelled within 7 days or less of scheduled party date will forfeit their deposit. Any party cancelled on the day of the party will also incur a cancellation fee of $35.

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