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We're Side Scrollers -  a store all about your passion for games, parties and more!

I have always enjoyed visiting electronics stores that had those demo stations of the newest
games on the market for people to try out. But the demos always ended quicker than I always liked, and well, quite frankly, most stores don't want people hogging the station all day. Regardless, whenever I was near a shop with such a set up, I would immediately gravitate towards it. I still do.

Growing up, I was also the type that would sit in a comic book shop for hours playing Yu-Gi-Oh! or
Pokemon TCG (Blastoise water deck was too op). I loved creating new decks, discussing new ideas for card choices, and dueling 'til my heart's content. I went every weekend and completely loved the cozy atmosphere of the shop. My only wish was that I could find a place that combined my love of playing both video and trading cards games.

For a long time now, I wanted to open such a shop that fused that small comic shop feel with video games. And not just new games but retro ones too. I grew up in the era where games such as Super Mario Bros., Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog were the absolute must haves. In that time in video game history, one genre dominated the industry: side scrollers - 2D games in which the only directions you could move in were left and right.

So after a few years of saving and learning the trade, the shop I always dreamed of as a kid is now a reality. Side Scrollers was born...

Your one stop entertainment lounge and shop! A place completely dedicated to all things video games and trading cards.

What happens from here on out? Lets game and find out! Feel free to hog up a tv for as long as you want. We got plenty.  Enjoy hours of fun in our lounge stocked with 4K televisions and consoles from the NES to the Nintendo Switch. And the games we offer are not demos. They are the very same games you grew up on.

As a member, prepare to collect coins while jumping over bottomless pits, travel through time, save the galaxy, catch 'em all or duel in a shadow game! (Side Scrollers is not liable for any soul lost in the shadow realm or to Metroid energy absorption).

- Justin B.
Owner, Side Scrollers

Side Scrollers Your Video Game Lounge & Shop